The Logistics Terminal



It has been estimated that the UK Haulage industry could save over 40 million miles of empty journeys by making use of the spare capacity of their vehicles returning to base vacant. This could cut carbon emissions in the UK by as much as 8% and significantly contribute to the UKs carbon emissions pledge.

Whilst the current version of already lists over a thousand loads per day on average, saving over 150,000 HGV journeys in the last 12 months alone, the new site will undoubtedly see a further reduction in the number of empty journeys across the UK as its membership base grows.

Richard Newbold, comments:

“Even now, many transport, distribution and haulage companies continue to rely on large numbers of blind telephone calls, faxes and in some cases e-mail shots to suppliers in order to fulfil their business needs and ensure that they are operating at their best.
““”: has already enjoyed significant success, by allowing members to ‘post once to inform many’, quickly establishing itself as one of the UK’s leading haulage exchange sites.

“However, with rising fuel prices and an increased focus on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce a much a greater degree of flexibility and user functionality to the site. Crafted Media, which has strong reputation for building successful intuitive member-based websites, are a natural partner for us.”

Martin Brown, Technical Director and co-owner of Crafted Media, comments:

“Whilst not wanting to give too much away at this stage, we expect the new version of to not only enrich the user-experience of existing members, but expect to see significant interest from freight forwarders wanting to streamline their business. Tiered membership will cater for the broad spectrum of hauliers – from those simply wishing to place a single load/vehicle – to larger hauliers requiring multiple logons.”