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Tilbury Port vital for UK after Brexit

Tilbury Port vital for UK after Brexit

Earlier this month Dr Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary met with port employees, managers and members of the Tilbury community involved in the Thames Trust. Considering Tilbury is the fastest growing port within the UK, seeing a £1 billion investment to extent the port and employ over 9,000 people by 2020, the port will become 3 times its size in 2012.

Researchers estimate that one in five employees in Thurrock currently or will in future work at the Port of Tilbury. Even more so with the increased rate of employment thanks to the port’s extension.

The Secretary met with members of the community to explore opportunities which could increase international trade in the UK following Brexit and ultimately could benefit Tilbury’s community.

Speaking on the matter, Dr Fox stated: “Tilbury Port has a strategic position on the Thames estuary, a skilled maritime workforce and a long history of international trade. Together with the developments at Thamesport, we are seeing great improvements in the capacity of the Thames as a gateway for international trade for the future.

“We are now forging our own independent trade policy for the first time in more than 40 years and Tilbury and other ports will play a major role in helping the whole of the UK to capitalise on the opportunities to increase our trade with the rest of the world.

“I applaud and respect the hard work of the port’s workers who are helping to ensure that Britain remains a great exporting, maritime nation.”

Chief Exec of Forth Ports (who also own the Port of Tilbury) Charles Hammond spoke on the matter:
“It was great to welcome the Secretary of State to the port today. In the years ahead, Tilbury’s market position will be further strengthened by our proposed new port, Tilbury2.

“As we invest in our facilities to support global trade, we continue to press for road investment to keep pace through an enhanced motorway network connection. A direct link from the UK’s fastest growing port onto the country’s largest road scheme, the Lower Thames Crossing, is vital.”