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Warehouse flames in Port of Tilbury

Warehouse flames in Port of Tilbury

Fire services were called to the Port of Tilbury at 11PM on Tuesday evening when reports began on “wood chippings alight inside an enclosed conveyor belt machine” which became the source of the fire from the commercial warehouse’s location.

Three vehicles arrived on the scene in the Port of Tilbury shortly after to handle the situation, crews were sent in from Grays and Orsett to handle the incident, teaming up with on-site engineers to remove chippings from the conveyor belt and blast them with water to reduce the flames and resolve the situation.

Speaking on the matter, a fire service spokesman said: “Fire crews managed to extinguish the fire by 1AM. The cause of the fire was recorded as accidental.”
The fire services were praised for their management of the incident, as well as the on-site engineers who were able to overcome the flames emerging from the conveyer belt in a matter of hours in a safe and efficient way that ensured that no one was harmed as they tackled the flames erupting in the warehouse at the Port of Tilbury.

This is the most recent incident involving fires since September 2018, in which the services were also called out to stop flames emerging from wood chippings within the Port of Tilbury. The flames in September were much more significant, it wasn’t until the following morning the flames were eventually extinguished.

Wood chippings can spark and cause flames much easier if they are continually decomposing which can generate a high temperature. With enough heat, it can spontaneously combust. This is why piles of wood chips can prove to be a huge hazard to warehouses if not kept at appropriate temperatures.

Tilbury Port Authority continues to provide 24/7 services to tackle situations such as this.