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Tilbury 2 Construction well underway

Tilbury 2 Construction well underway

Construction on the new Tilbury 2 site is seeing serious progress, at the site, Graham Construction are building a new deep water berthing facility. The early marine works are underway to develop an infrastructure that will build upon the already successful port.

A CAT 385 long reach excavator, equipped with GPS tech and connected to bathymetric survey data is being used along with a dive team during the development on the Neptune barge which will handle large exports and imports from ships within Tilbury 2.

The firm behind the project, Graham Construction, was established in 1955 handling projects within the East of England. Over the years, as the firm developed the company grew, now handling major projects all over the country. The firm has a great deal of experiences in projects of this type both in the land and marine sector. The Tilbury 2 Project is expected to be completed by Q2 2020.

To summarise the Tilbury 2 project: construction includes a new, up-to-date berthing facility for imports of materials and containers; storage spaces for containers as well as construction materials. A new railroad for the movement of goods via rail freight, an extension to the Fort Road Bridge which will be able to handle the new road development as well as an extended rail link beneath the bridge, there will also be development on pedestrian and cycle routes within the area around the site.

Residents have vented their frustration regarding the amount of back-up of traffic the construction has caused. With the lack of guidance for truckers, many vehicles have ended up driving through smaller roads in the town causing back-ups for road users in the area. The hope is that once construction is completed, the roads in the area will be easier for everyone to use than ever before.