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Tilbury Port signs plans to import CO2 to the Thames port

Tilbury Port signs plans to import CO2 to the Thames port

The Port of Tilbury recently had an announcement, revealing a long-term agreement for a contract developed with Nippon Gases Europe. The contract entails the imports of C02 gas canisters into the Thames Port.

Shipments will appear within the port, Nippon Gases intends on investing on a permanent storage terminal within the port. If development and the agreements process as expected, this could be developed and in operation within the next year.

The shipments of carbon dioxide being carried by Nippon Gases’ own dedicated shipping, they will arrive in refrigerated liquid form and are used mostly for the UK’s food and beverages. In addition to this, Nippon Gases Europe develops, stores and ships atmospheric, process and speciality gases each with their own required purpose.

Nippon Gases’ products and services are set to make the planet more productive as they develop more environmental and efficient possibilities across industries. Some of these industries include aerospace, chemicals, food and beverage, electronics, energy, logistics, manufacturing and many more.

Commercial Director for the Port of Tilbury, Peter Ward spoke on the matter: “We are thrilled that Nippon Gases Europe has chosen the Port of Tilbury as the Southern UK hub for their essential products. Nippon Gases Europe will benefit from our strong logistical connections and ideal location for their market place. This is our first bulk liquid customer in Tilbury, but we have areas of expertise across the Forth Ports group.”