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CGI video shows us what to expect from Tilbury 2

CGI video shows us what to expect from Tilbury 2

Tilbury 2’s construction began earlier this year, which is costing around £200,000,000 to develop and is set to be ready to take on goods by 2020 at the latest. Tilbury 2 was given approval for development by the Secretary of State for Transport back in February as the newly developed facility would extend the port’s availability to take on more goods in and out of the country.

The video also explains how the members of the construction team are aiming to preserve much of the wildlife and nature in the area, despite the construction taking place very close to a lot of habitats across miles of marshland.

Speaking regarding the video, Commercial Director at the Port of Tilbury, Peter Ward said: “Construction of Tilbury2 is well underway and by issuing this CGI video we can see how accessible the new port is to London and how the port will operate when it opens next year (2020). We are excited about this development which has been driven by demand for our customers and we are grateful to the local community for their support during this construction phase.”

Tilbury2 will consist of:

  • A terminal for ferries with roll on/off capabilities making imports and exports of containers much easier for shipping goods to Northern Europe, this is as part of their partnership with P&O Ferries
  • A rail terminal which can accommodate freight by trains with a length up to 775m
  • An importing facility for construction materials
  • An additional storage facility for goods and imported vehicles.

Tilbury2 is the core to the Port of Tilbury’s investment programme of over £1billion from 2012-20. The business within the Port has doubles over the last 10 years and the developments are set to support the growth and progress within the port, which could also lead to an increased rate of employment within the port over the next decade.

You can view a CGI animated version of what to expect from Tilbury 2 here.