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Services could face delays at Port of Tilbury under no-deal Brexit

Services could face delays at Port of Tilbury under no-deal Brexit

Some members of the local council have expressed concern that under a No-deal Brexit, the Port of Tilbury and the surrounding area as consequence would face heavier traffic due to delays as further security and patrols are increased around the port to ensure the border’s safety and that drivers all have the appropriate documents for travel in/out of the port.

A risk assessment was carried out by Thurrock Council on the surrounding area, through their research – they found that the Port of Tilbury could become a major part of the area as a “gridlocked borough”.

As a response, the council has invested over £8,000 on electrical bikes – providing carers and support staff with an alternative mode of transport to cycle rather than drive, meaning they will be able to reach work even if the roads face major gridlocks.

Councils across the country, including Thurrock and Southend have purchased fuel tanks at around £4,500 to support council and road workers should the event of a national fuel shortage take place following October 31st.

While this is a mere measure for security, it does raise concerns as to what the consequences could be if a no-deal Brexit takes place. With other councils such as Leicestershire Council taking similar precautions in an effort to avoid any shortages having a major impact on the population.