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Port of Tilbury to Grangemouth rail route becomes permanent

Port of Tilbury to Grangemouth rail route becomes permanent

In a partnership with direct rail services as well as Eddie Stobart, it was recently announced by Forth Ports that as of today the rail service will maintain access to a regular link permanently between the Port of Tilbury and Scotland’s largest Port, Grangemouth, after a successful trial.

The trains have the capability to move 36 containers at once, which will be overseen and managed by Stobart who will continue to work closely with Forth Ports at the Port of Tilbury. Goods such as food and drink will be moved to and from Scotland’s largest port to the Port of Tilbury.

The hope is that Forth Ports will continue to use this route to provide customers with a cost effective and sustainable method of taking goods to and from Scotland, while reducing emissions on the roads with the application of the rail route in place.

With the first train leaving the Port in Tilbury later on Friday, taking the route through Dagenham, the train will travel overnight, arriving at Grangemouth the following morning.

Speaking on the matter was Senior Commercial Manager at Forth Ports, Rob Mason, who stated: “The response from customers to our two-way rail service between the Ports of Tilbury and Grangemouth has been so encouraging that it means we can now operate the service regularly every weekend starting this Friday.

“Business at our busy container terminals is growing rapidly and it has become hugely important that we were able to connect these two ports by rail. This new service highlights our commitment to providing sustainable and cost-effective logistics solutions for our customers, helping them to grow and increasing their competitiveness in the supply chain.

“We look forward to partnering with Eddie Stobart and DRS on what is the first regular rail service linking our ports in Tilbury and Grangemouth and opening up a number of import and export opportunities for our business and customers.”

Sector director at Eddie Stobart, John Clark, also gave a statement: “Following on from a successful trial in June, the service will start this week allowing the South of England to be connected by rail into Grangemouth at the weekend when road driving resource is at a premium.

“Working in partnership with Forth Ports and Direct Rail Services we are extremely confident that this service will prove to be a real benefit for logistics companies at both ends of the country.”