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£10 million grant scheme for ports to prepare for no-deal Brexit

£10 million grant scheme for ports to prepare for no-deal Brexit

A grant programme has been introduced by MPs, with the hopes of supporting ports with the additional costs they could face should a no-deal Brexit take place on October 31st. The grant is set to invest £10 million in funding for ports across the UK should they need money to cover some of the additional costs that could come into play under a no-deal scenario.

The Department for Transport have raised a “Port Infrastructure Resilience Call” with information regarding the call kept under confidentiality for the sake of port security. Ports across the country can take part of bidding for the grant, with a maximum offer of £1 million to invest into inspection hubs and secure the area around the port – along with purchasing other resources such as secure fencing and other supplies that could be required if a no-deal Brexit takes place.

Along with the recent action from PM Boris Johnson to suspend parliament which was approved by the Queen’s Pricy Council – the grant has been put in place to rest assured that all concerns in the event of a no-deal Brexit are addressed before October 31st. Chancellor Sajid Javid has set funds aside for national security, which is said to be billions of pounds in investment, hoping to avoid disruption for Government as well as local councils, who also received a £9 million investment earlier in August to prepare for the coming months leading up to Brexit.

Richard Ballantyne, Chief Exec of the British Ports Association, gave his views on the matter:

“The industry is as ready as it can be for a ‘no-deal’ although it is clear that this is about mitigating disruption at certain ports, not avoiding it. We still hope that the U.K. and EU can come to a sensible arrangement ahead of the deadline.”

When asked to comment on the matter, The Department for Transport declined to comment to reporters regarding the grant, along with the certainty of what kind of a Brexit the country and logistics industry will face on October 31st.