The Logistics Terminal

Port Centric Solutions

For years, importers of freight have incurred the financial and environmental costs of pointlessly hauling containers, weighing up to forty four tonnes, hundreds of miles across the UK only for each container to be returned to the port empty.

Quite simply, the port centric logistics solution offered by TLT enables cargo owners to gain control of both supply-chain costs and the timely delivery of their goods directly from the port Warehousing Solution straight to their customers.

Carbon emissions are significantly reduced by TLT quickly offloading the container at the Port. The empty container is immediately returned to the Exporting Berth, allowing shipping lines to achieve a faster turnaround.

Additionally, TLT offers a complete logistics solution for onward delivery of de-vanned products. This includes everything from palletised loads through to non-palletised freight which is achieved through partnerships with leading pallet distribution network, Pall-Ex and 2,500 haulage companies around the UK as well as using their own modern fleet of vehicles.

Panel Cutting Services At TLT Panel Cutting Services we offer a user-friendly professional panel cutting service and will provide continuous advice and support at any stage of your build to ensure your project runs smoothly and on time.
Where possible we will advise you on all necessary technical details and specifications and ensure that the supplied products will match your needs, and help you achieve your design requirements in a practical and most efficient manner.

Based in The Port of Tilbury on the River Thames near London TLT Panel Cutting Services can offer clients a quick turnaround. Operating from a 650,000 sq ft site and handling over 250,000 tons of sheet material per year and 350,000 tons of building materials TLT can offer the complete Portcentric package from collection of containers, full devan service, storage, cutting to size followed by distribution directly to your customer on our own fleet of trucks.

  • One of Tilbury Docks’ largest multimodal distribution warehouses
  • Access to 30% of UK’s consumers within a two hour drive
  • Effectively act as UK sales force for Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe
  • Secure Bonded Warehousing
  • Onward delivery of de-vanned products, including palletised loads or parcels
  • No return to port container handling
  • Shipping lines achieve a faster turnaround
  • Environmentally friendly – minimising CO2 and CO emissions